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At Insight Vacations, we have been creating magical travel experiences for 40 years and our passion for travel never stops. We take pride in connecting you with fascinating people and places, and guarantee to take you on an incredible journey. From immersive and unique experiences to deliciously authentic dining, our trips will show you the best of the USA & Canada. e magic begins here! WELCOME to the art of travelling in style Ulla Hefel Böhler CEO INSIGHT VACATIONS KEY DINING B Buffet Breakfast or Full Breakfast L Lunch LW Lunch with Wine D Dinner DW Dinner with Wine ITINERARY ✈ Flight ℮ Cruise Hotel Train Wi-Fi Dining Tasting Session TripAdvisor Rating Ω ℓ ∂ SIGHTSEEING EXPERIENCES Visit: You will enter a specific site and applicable fees are included. See/View: You will walk or drive to (or nearby) the site during your guided trip, often with a brief stop and photo opportunity. 2 CONTENTS PAGE WHY CHOOSE INSIGHT? WELCOME 03 IT WAS MAGICAL (GUEST STORY) 05 INSIGHT EXPERIENCES 06 DINING THE INSIGHT WAY 08 OUR TRAVEL DIRECTOR'S FAVOURITE PLACES 10 HAND-PICKED HOTELS 11 TRAVEL IN STYLE 12 FAMILY VALUES 14 REGISTER WITH MYINSIGHT 15 INSIGHT CARES 16 WESTERN USA BEST OF CALIFORNIA 9 days 18 ENCHANTING CANYONLANDS 7 days 20 AMERICAN PARKS TRAIL 9 days 22 WONDERS OF THE AMERICAN WEST 10 days 24 GREAT WESTERN AMERICAN ADVENTURE 15 days 26 AMERICA'S MAGNIFICENT NATIONAL PARKS 15 days 28 GRAND JOURNEY OF AMERICA'S WEST 23 days 30 EAST COAST USA NEW ENGLAND'S FALL FOLIAGE 8 days 32 BOSTON, CAPE COD & THE ISLANDS 8 days 34 CLASSIC MID-ATLANTIC 10 days 36 COAST-TO-COAST USA AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL 22 days 38 ALASKA JEWELS OF ALASKA & GLACIER DISCOVERY CRUISE OPTION 7/14 days 41 CANADA CANADIAN ROCKIES & PACIFIC COAST & GL ACIER DISCOVERY INSIDE PASSAGE CRUISE OPTION 14/22 days 45 LANDSCAPES OF THE CANADIAN MARITIMES 12 days 48 BEST OF EASTERN CANADA & USA 16 days 50 GENERAL INFORMATION BOOKING CONDITIONS 52 AIRFARE & PEACE OF MIND 54 GREAT SAVINGS & DISCOUNTS 55 INSIGHT VACATIONS | USA & CANADA

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